Thank You from the Carnival!
The Carnival de Resistance is coming to town! And we are so grateful for your willingness to dive into this wild project with us by offering your time and talent. We hope that your visit in this topsy turvy world will inspire and refresh you and we hope to learn more about the Minneapolis community through your presence. Please read through this form as it contains information about Carnival context, what you can expect as a volunteer, position descriptions and a section to choose a volunteer shift.

The Carnival de Resistance is a traveling arts carnival and ceremonial theater company, a village demonstration project exploring ecological practices, and an education and social outreach project; all focusing on ecological justice and radical theology. This multi-talented Carnival crew, made up of artists and activists, weave the worlds of art, activism and faith through thought provoking performance, playful engagement in the Carnival midway, and learning spaces which feature grassroots efforts and community artists. The Ceremonial theater productions weave music, theater, dance and circus arts along a journey that is ancient and contemporary, cross-cultural and mythopoetic, as they apply the wisdom of the prophetic tradition to current ecological crises. This year, our fifth residency will be held at Redeemer Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis from September 13th to the 27th and we expect this to be the most vibrant expression of the Carnival yet! For more detailed information of what the village, theater, and education components entail, visit our website at

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