Ridgefield Summer Whodunnits 2019 Survey
Thank you for joining us in the first Ridgefield Summer Whodunnits. We had a lot of fun bringing this new event to Ridgefield and look forward to continuing a long form mystery game event in the future.

Since this was a new event for us this year, we would like to hear your feedback so we can improve our process. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

Did you participate in the mystery game event?
Tell us why you decided not to play or quit playing the game:
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How would you rate the quality of the following game elements?
Clues Released Online
Evidence Banners (Word Scrambles)
Game Packet and Scoring
Website page
Please select the age group(s) you and your fellow participants best fit in. You may select multiple categories.
How would you rate the difficulty of the game overall?
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Any additional comments (feedback, suggestions, etc)?
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