HMS African-American Parent Survey 2020
As we continue to work to ensure all students and parents are equally served in the educational setting, the African-American Parent Advisory Committee at Hamilton would like your feedback on the following questions.
What grade will your student be in at Hamilton this year?
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How successful has remote learning been for your child? *
How important is to you that your child has a strong relationship with their teacher?
not that important
very important
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During remote learning how often were you or your child contacted by their teachers or someone from the school to check on their needs?
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Prior to remote learning how often were you and your child contacted by their teachers or staff regarding your child being successful at school?
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When your child's teacher or school contacts you, what is most often the reason?
Do you believe it is important for Black history to be taught at school?
Do you believe it is important for students to be exposed to Black authors in literacy classes?
Do you believe your child has been held to high expectations in the school setting? Both socially and academically
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Would you like your child to be exposed to more challenging curriculum?
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Please describe what you would like your child's school experience to like at Hamilton?
Please tell us reasons you would come to the school other than to pick up or drop off your child?
Have you ever heard of the AA-PAC at Hamilton?
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Would you volunteer to work as a member of the African-American Parent Advisory Committee?
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What is the best time of the day for you to attend an AA-PAC meeting?
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