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SIAM is seeking proposals for minitutorials to be conducted at the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE21), March 1-5, 2021. The SIAM CSE conference enables in-depth technical discussions on a wide variety of major computational efforts on large-scale problems in science and engineering, fosters the interdisciplinary culture required to meet these challenges, and promotes the training of the next generation of computational scientists. SIAM CSE draws thousands of attendees from academia, industry, and research laboratories.

A minitutorial offers attendees a great opportunity to learn in a hands-on fashion from experts, and is a good way to raise the visibility of new projects and topics. Subjects of recent minitutorials at SIAM CSE have included numerical libraries (libMesh, PETSc, PRIMME), simulation tools (Firedrake, MOOSe), as well as general productivity tools and best practices (git, licenses, productivity & sustainability, etc.). Proposals are encouraged for minitutorials on any topic relevant to research in computational science and engineering.
Process (SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 13, 2019)
The deadline for submissions is **December 13, 2019**. Minitutorial proposals submitted through this form will be reviewed by the conference organizing committee. Selections will be announced sometime in January 2020.
Accepted minitutorials will be eligible for some reimbursements of travel expenses from SIAM. Reimbursements are capped at $1500 to be divided between presenters, with a cap of $500 per presenter. SIAM will additionally waive the conference registration for up to 3 presenters.
Please contact Richard Moore <>, SIAM Director of Programs and Services, with any questions.
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Please list the names, institutions, and contact email addresses for all presenters who would lead the minitutorial. Each presenter may only be a part of one proposed minitutorial.
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Minitutorials will be presented over either one or two sessions on a single day at CSE21 (a session has historically lasted about 1 hour and 40 minutes). How many sessions would the proposed minitutorial require?
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Please describe the proposed minitutorial's subject and why it is relevant to the attendees of CSE21. (Max 4000 characters)
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Please give an outline the material that will be covered and rough agenda of the planned activities. (Max 4000 characters)
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You may link to any educational materials that would be a part of the tutorial that are already online, or to video of previous tutorials by these presenters, in the space below. You may also list citations demonstrating the presenters work in the subject area of the minitutorial.
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Describe any plans to document, record, or preserve the outcomes of the minitutorial for later public consumption (such as a website where materials will be available).
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Minitutorials will be held in the same rooms as minisymposia, which will have a standard projector setup available. If this minitutorial would require any additional resources that the presenters cannot provide themselves, please list them here.
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