Wedding Policy and Forms
GENERAL: All CrossWinds facilities are dedicated to carrying out our vision, mission and core values. Corporate uses take precedence over all other uses. CrossWinds facilities may be used for weddings consistent with our beliefs and doctrine when not being used for corporate uses by schedule. Member or regular attendees have priority since their regular financial support maintains the facilities.

Philosophy of marriage: CrossWinds facilities have been dedicated to God to be only used consistent with His Word. Therefore because of Genesis 2:24; Leviticus 18:22; Matthew 19:4-6; Romans 1:26-27 and 1 Corinthians 6:9 we will not officiate, solemnize, perform or host a wedding or wedding-like ceremony involving anyone other than one man with one woman as instituted by God. A wedding is a worship service.

SPECIFIC: Use of CrossWinds facilities for weddings is possible with the following provisions:

•Use must be by appointment only (using this form).
•Dates will be scheduled in order of receipt of this form.
•Smoking, sparklers, fireworks, alcohol or wedding dances may not be used inside CrossWinds facilities. Rice is discouraged in favor of birdseed, but either must be used outside the church, not in the foyer. Written permission is required for wall-mounted displays or banners.
•Officiating minister, non-traditional elements and music must be approved by pastoral staff. Every wedding must arrange and pay for CrossWinds personnel for kitchen use, sound system, A/V system (the church will assist in locating help when possible). Cleaning responsibility may extend to lawns and parking lots.
•CrossWinds is not responsible for improper use or accidents caused by changes of set-ups, improper use of facilities, snow removal, vandalism or theft of anything during facility use.
•Removal and re-staging musical instruments, sound system, seasonal or ministry decorations will only be done by reimbursed CrossWinds personnel.
•Premarital counseling consistent with Marriage Matters Agreement is required before use.
•Attached agreement form must be submitted and approved including scheduling space to be used, time the space will be used and payment of rental, support staff or cleaning costs.
•A 25% deposit must be attached to this agreement, refundable if cancelled 30 days prior to scheduled usage. Full payment must be received prior to actual usage.
•Access will be provided as needed for planning or decorating.
•Contacts/scheduling may be done online or at CrossWinds office during normal hours.
•Rental charges or fees do not include honoraria for ministerial involvement.

MEMBER/REGULAR ATTENDEE EXCLUSIONS: Members or regular attendees are exempt from rental fees for use of sanctuary or fellowship space, but must pay cleaning fees and fees for A/V, sound or kitchen staff.

By signing this form the requester agrees to this policy, its provisions and costs.

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•Sanctuary Rental: $100 plus $70 cleaning fee. This includes use for rehearsals and decorating 24 hours prior to service. Saturday evening surcharge (after 5:00 PM) is $50.
•Church video or sound systems may only be used by CrossWinds personnel. Sound system cost $100 which includes CrossWinds personnel, set-up and restoration.
•Video equipment cost $150 which includes CrossWinds personnel, set-up and restoration. Any slides or video used in the service must be provided to church personnel 2 weeks prior to service.
•Commons room rental: $75 plus $35 cleaning fee.
•Kitchen rental is $75
•Fellowship Hall/Gym rental is $100. Additional $25 per day if set-up requires more than 24 hours before use.
•Tablecloth rental is $1 per tablecloth
Total Cost
CrossWinds Requires a 25% deposit after approval
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