The Anthology Project
With your story, you have the power to transform someone's journey.
Someone who is where you've been.

Below is the part where you get to share your insight, experience, wisdom, or whatever. Feel free to skip whatever prompts don't resinate with you. Say what's on your heart and mind. The prompts are only there to help get you started.
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What's your relationship to foster care?
Hear our vision for this project...
What about the foster care system are you most passionate about, and why?
[What's your unique insight?] You've been in the system - maybe you don't feel like there's much reason to share your story. But chances are, you have a unique perspective that could help a kid in the system right now. What would you say to that kid?
[THIS IS MY STORY...] Imagine you have only a few minutes to share your story with just one person. What would you tell them? How would you help them understand what made you who you are today? Remember to write the condensed version of this. We want people to read the whole thing. Put some thought into your wording. Help your reader stay captivated. Imagine you only have 3 minutes to share this with someone. You can type your answer here, and/or handwrite it and upload it to us below.
[Where I find/found my hope/joy....] We've learned that a lot of the people who thrive despite trauma do so because they've hung on to something - an idea, a dream, a desire, etc. What has helped you most during those hard times that brought (or brings) you hope or joy? What is it that allows you to keep going - to keep moving on?
[Something I've learned from my experience...] What's one particular lesson, takeaway, word of wisdom, or advice that you've gained from your experience in the system?
[A letter to my younger self from my current self:] Imagine you could speak to your younger self and tell that person something. What would you want to tell yourself knowing what you know now? What do you wish you were able to be aware of?
[One time, this happened...] Is there one particular, profound memory/experience that will always be with you? Why was it so impactful, and what is the conclusion?
[POEM] Do you feel best equipped to convey something about who you are or what you've experienced through poetry? We'd love to hear it.
Writing always goes through an editing process. Go back and re-read what you've written. Look for what's helped you survive and has shed some redemptive light on your situation. Find the wisdom you've learned and share that insight.                                              As we put the book together, we'll be looking for well thought out stories that leave the reader feeling impacted, empowered, and encouraged by your story of overcoming. We'll be selecting stories that either reveal a short and impactful message (think an instagram post), or stories that tell your narrative in a way that compels and offers an important insight (think one page of a book). Redemption, healing, resiliency, overcoming, and understanding will be common threads of this book. If the reader is in your shoes, make sure your story leaves them feeling inspired to press on. If your reader can't relate, make sure your story teaches them the insights that only you can offer.
Expect that we will be editing the content, and of course approving it with you before publishing. Editing is normal and good and necessary.
Now for some very necessary information...
We'll need some info from you in order to process and organize your submission
What's your first name? (You're not required to answer this, especially if you'd like to remain anonymous. We won't be collecting last names. Ideally, we'd love to show a first name and age for each entry, but please stay anonymous if that's better for you.) *
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How old are you? (Not required. But ideally, we'd love to share an age along with each entry in order to help put your story in some sort of context for the reader.)
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Where do you live? (also not required, but could provide more context for the reader)
Thank you so much!
You're a rock star! Thank you so much for speaking up and sharing your story. We're super excited and honored to be able to hear your story.

Below you can give us permission to receive your submission. You'll need to accept the terms in order for us to consider adding your story to the book.
***LEGAL STUFF*** By clicking I ACCEPT I acknowledge that I am choosing to share my story in a format that will be presented publicly, and I am consenting to this. I give full rights to the ReMovedFilm team to feature my submission publicly.  I also understand that the team at ReMovedFilm will be reviewing all submissions and going through the difficult process of deciding which submissions to feature publicly. I realize that my submission may not be featured, and the decision to feature or not feature certain submissions will be at the sole discretion of the ReMovedFilm team. I further understand that I will not be compensated in any monetary form for my submission, even if it is selected to be featured.
Once we've received and reviewed all submissions, we'll be going through the difficult process of having to decide which stories we can feature in the book. We'll get in touch with you to let you know, either way, whether we'll be able to feature what you've sent us.
We're expecting we'll have more submissions than we're able to print. We'll also be trying to make selections that fit together cohesively in the same book. However, we also see the potential to feature submissions in the form of online social media posts. But we'll get in touch to ask your permission before we decide to do something like this.
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