[TED Talk 스타트업 편, 원어민 영작 첨삭과 화상 토론까지 올인원] 1주차 주간 과제 (19년 9월)
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이번주 비디오에 대해 제공되는 토론 질문들 중에 1가지를 골라서 250단어 이내로 질문에 답하는 에세이를 써봅니다.
‘애스크루시’와 협업으로 북미권 영어 원어민 선생님의 무료 첨삭서비스를 제공해드립니다.
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에세이 첨삭 예시 http://www.asklucy.cat/services/read.php?serviceCategory=Editing&postId=38
1. The video only focuses on a business perspective. Is business a field that interest you? If so, what type of business? Tell us a little but about it. If not so, what are other things you are interested in?
2. Please share with us a good and bad experience that you had with a business/company. (any type)
3. In the video Bill says that timing is the most important aspect when starting up a new business. What type of start-up company would you begin when thinking about what people want these days?
4. What is an occurrence (something that happened) at 100% the right timing in your life?
애스크루시 실제 제출 화면 예시
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