Canadian Consultations - The Future of Work: Y20 2018 Argentina
Thank you for participating in Canada's national Y20 consultations! Your answers will help shape our recommendations for youth success at the G20 and beyond.
How will this consultation work?

As the representatives of Canadian youth, the Canadian delegation hopes to reach out to those across the country to discern youth priorities on the four priority topics at this year's Y20. This questionnaire will serve as the official data-gathering platform to inform this year's delegation about Canadian youth perspectives on The Future of Work.

This consultation will be split into four parts, reflecting the four Task Forces being undertaken by Y20 delegations. These will be:

Sustainability for Development
Education and Skills for the 21st Century
Future of Work
Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment

Any personal information collected during this survey will only be used in an aggregate manner to determine representation and diversity of respondents.

If you have questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this consultation, you may contact Offline forms, in cases of poor or limited internet connectivity, may be provided upon request.

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