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Evaluated Official:
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Level of Evaluation *
Pre-Meet Coordination:
Coordinates with the Meet Director and Meet Referee on responsibilities/procedures for the meet. *
Brings a copy of the Meet Announcement and is familiar with the policies/procedures described within. *
Understands MSI Policies & Procedures applicable for the meet. *
Understands how the Meet Announcement, Policies & Procedures and the USA-S rules govern the meet. *
Helps the Meet Director with any entry/timeline issues. *
Knows how to run Exception Reports for Max. No. of Events and Qualifying Times. *
Coordinates with the Meet Director on how deck entries will be handled (if applicable). *
Clerk of Course:
Can print Positive Check-In Sheets, if required. *
Oversees the Positive Check-In process. *
Supervises the Seeding process (inc. production lane timer sheets). *
Ensures the distribution of meet sheets to coaches, officials, and for posting. *
Understands how to manually seed an event. *
Supervises the Deck Entry process and can do deck entries. *
Can print Relay Slips. *
Coordinates the distribution and collection of Relay Slips. *
Knows how to enter relay names and insure that all relay names have been entered. *
Timing System:
Knows what primary timing system is being used (automatic, semi-automatic, manual). *
Ensures that the secondary and tertiary timing systems are in place (if applicable). *
Has a basic understanding of the timing console operations and related equipment. *
Works with the Timing System Operator to ensure that the system is set-up and tested. *
Works with the Timing System Operator to make sure the printer is set-up and working. *
Computer Operations:
Verifies the computer and associated printer(s) are set-up prior to the session. *
Ensures the computer operator can perform all the functions required for that session: deck entries, scratch & seeding, relay names, processing results. *
Determining the Official Time (Timing Judge):
Understands and can explain the use of backup times and order-of-finish. *
Can recognize when timing adjustments or time verifications are required. *
Can explain all the parts of the timing system printout. *
Discusses with the Meet Referee how timing adjustments will be done. *
Explains and can demonstrate how to determine the time for a lane malfunction. *
Explains and can demonstrate how to determine the time for a heat malfunction. *
Explains and can demonstrate how to determine the time with only a watch time. *
Explains and can demonstrate how to use order-of-finish to validate a timing decision. *
Verifies the meet setup (scoring, awards, etc.). *
Can process DQ slips, no-show slips, reseed slips. *
Ensures that results are correct before publishing/posting. *
Prelims/Finals Meet:
Recognizes when a swim-off is required & can set up the swim-off. *
Oversees the scratch procedures for finals. *
Can process the scratches and seed finals. *
Overall Assessment:
Overall Evaluator Recommendation *
Notes *
Evaluator Section:
Name of Referee Evaluator *
Referee Evaluator Eligibility *
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