Are you interested in volunteering at UK Fruitfest?
Every year we look to provide an opportunity for people to volunteer at the festival.

This gives people the chance to pay less to come in return for working at the festival. We try to keep the working time limited to 3 hours so that you still have time to enjoy the rest of the festival. Unfortunately, we still have to ask that you contribute towards your accommodation, food and the other classes you attend.

Volunteering positions are limited and often go to people that have already attended the festival but we encourage you to apply and add your details below. Potentially, there may be free positions available to people that can provide very specific help to the festival.

Please think about what you can add to the festival. If you have any particular skill or experience feel free to add detail.

Please note that volunteer positions do not provide you with free access to the event but do provide you with a substantial discount on your ticket (usually 50%)

Areas we are looking for volunteers to help with

- Food preparation and washing up (this is the main task we require help with at the event)
- Looking after and entertaining children (experience and references are a must)
- Administration and Data Entry
- Customer Service and Support (at the event or by telephone)
- Retail assistant
- Entertainment
- Videography
- Sound and Lighting
- Digital Marketing
- Public Relations
- Local Events Co-ordinator

We are not looking for speakers right now as our speaking schedule is full.

Please fill in the form below. We will be in touch with you within the next few months to let you know if we require your help at the event.

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