Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #09
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Fraus est celare ______.”
Hint: He who conceals a fraud perpetrates one himself.
1 point
“Prater fratri uterino non suceedat in ______ paterna,.”
Hint: A brother shall not succeed a brother of the half blood in the father's estate.
1 point
“Hoc quidem ______ durum est, sed ita lex scripta est.”
Hint: This indeed is hard, but it is the written law.
1 point
“______ solo furore punitur.”
Hint: Let a madman be punished by his madness alone.
1 point
“He who seeks ______ must do equity.”
Hint: It is in pursuance of this maxim that the right of the wife's equity to a settlement is enforced.
1 point
“He who comes into ______ must come with clean hands.”
Hint: An infant, although not generally liable on his contracts, cannot make use of his own fraudulent acts as a means whereby to benefit himself.
1 point
“______ nunquam ascendit.”
Hint: Inheritance never ascends.
1 point
“Haeres legitimus est quam nuptiae ______.”
Hint: He is the legitimate heir whom marriage declares.
1 point
“Ibi esse ______ ubi et noxa est.”
Hint: The punishment should be in the same place as the guilt.
1 point
“Generalis regula generaliter est ______.”
Hint: A general rule must be generally understood.
1 point
“Prustrk fit per plura, quod fieri potest ______.”
Hint: That is unnecessarily done by many (words), which is capable of being done by fewer.
1 point
“Id eertum est quod certum reddi ______.”
Hint: That is certain which can be reduced to a certainty.
1 point
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