Association of Ghana's Elders - Online Library
We are creating a WAREHOUSE OF INFORMATION ON THE ELDERLY and AGING, to share on our website (, which we are revamping).

If you're a researcher (student, no matter the level), a lecturer, or a non-academic who has done any research on any topic concerning the elderly - health, built environment, oral history, economic well-being, social capital, policy etc.... Anything at all, please share your work with us. It's a great win-win arrangement - we showcase your work (let's dust it off and get it off the shelves!), and we create a community that has information to learn from. Pictures and audiovisual materials are also welcome.

We will create a bibliography for our online library, and will post the pdf. version for site visitors. We also welcome reports filed by organizations that work in the area of geriatrics or any area that concerns the elderly. With your permission, we will also include other resources that you choose to share with us (videos etc...)

Please enter some basic information in this quick online form, and send the content to us via email (, and we will begin to catalog it all so we learn from each other.
Thank you!

PS: This form allows you to make two submissions. KINDLY FOLLOW THIS FORM SUBMISSION UP WITH AN EMAIL SUBMISSION WITHIN 72 HOURS. We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you!

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