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IBEducatorsChat webinars, workshops and roundtables have been a fantastic opportunity for sharing and learning. Let's keep the conversation and learning going outside of 40 minute video calls, through study groups!

There will be two different types of study groups. One will look at articles/research, focusing on pedagogy. The other will be an opportunity to practice thinking routines through exploring photographs/artwork. Teachers are welcome to join on one both.

The sessions will happen through email. You'll be sent a link to the stimulus, along with the activity. A week later you'll be sent a summary of the participants thoughts! Some activities will be done through Google Forms, others through tools including Jamboard and Padlet.
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Study Group: Articles
This study group will focus on short educational articles, mostly focussing on pedagogy. All articles will be free to access. Participants will be sent out an article, along with an activity to do. The activity might be linked to thinking routines or reflective questions. After a week or so, a summary, including participant responses, will be sent out to everyone.

This study group will be more focussed on reflecting on pedagogy through (usually academic) articles.
Articles from?
Articles will come from many sources, including Educational Leadership Magazine, Teacher Magazines, The IB's research, JSTOR (individuals get access to 100 free articles a month) and other free sources. Participants can suggest future articles to discuss.
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Study Groups: Photos and Artwork
This study group will focus on using photographs or artwork as a stimulius. The photo or artwork will be sent out, with minimal information, along with an activity. The activity might be linked to thinking routines or reflective questions. After a week, or so, information about the photo/artwork will be sent back, along with a summary of participant responses.

This study group will be focussed on learning through slow looking and through thinking routines. This will be a chance to practice and be exposed to different thinking routines, taking on the role of a student/learner.
Photos/Artwork from?
Photos and artwork will come from a range of sources, including the Guardian's Photos of the Week and Google Art and Culture.
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EDIT: Based on the 110+ responses so far, most people want to do both activities. Therefore, I will send an email out which has the ARTICLES study group and the PHOTOS/ARTWORK study group. However, you can select to do one, both or none, depending on your interest in the provocations selected each time!
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