Application for Presenting at Oregon and/or Cascadia Tantra Festival 2019!
We Offer You:
Free Festival Ticket: In appreciation for your service and gifts, we will give a free ticket to all the events in the entire festival, and a free camping pass or dorm room. We ask you to buy your own ticket for meals, which is $200 for 4 days. If you want upgraded housing, you may purchase it separately.

You will most likely only be selected to present at only one festival, as we have many presenters applying.
The festival is for beginners as well as experienced people, so we like workshops that are appropriate for all levels, and include awareness of consent agreements.

As a presenter, you are welcome to offer private sessions and sell products with no commission to us. You may promote your practice during your workshops (in the form of handing out cards, collecting emails).

In return, we are asking each of our Presenters to commit to making our festivals a wonderful experience for all, including participants, presenters and production staff, by:
● Helping us get the word out!
● Participating in one of the two Presenter Calls before the festival
● Being present for the entire weekend, except in special circumstances, and upholding high professional standards
● Collaborating with fellow presenters to co-create the festival experience

More details about this will be sent when you are accepted as a presenter.

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Are you interested in presenting at: *
How many event would you like to present at each? *
Do you present alone, or with a partner?
If you answered 'With a partner' to the above question:.
Please give us your partner's name and why they are important to your offering. Please note that we provide volunteers for your workshop and a discounted ticket ($150 off) that can be used if you need a co-leader or special assistance during your workshop.
Partner info:
Give a short summary of your experience leading at camps and events *
Biography - one or two paragraphs *
Web site
Your Offerings: What would you like to offer at the festival?
Please include a paragraph or two of descriptions as you would like them to appear on our web site.
Also include what size group it might work for, and if you will need indoor or outdoor space, electricity, video, mattresses or sound equipment.
We also want to know what kind of sound impact you expect it to have, and what level of physical intimacy, including nudity. Please bring your own supplies such as oil.
First proposed offering: *
Second Proposed offering: *
Third proposed offering:
Fourth proposed offering
Send your photo head shot please! Cropped into a square shape. Send to *
Send an evocative photo to go with each offering above for the web site please! Send to *
Thanks for your application! We will get back to you soon!
Love y'all! Look forward to playing with you.
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