Nonprofit Staff Re-Deployment During COVID-19 Crisis
SVCN is aware that some nonprofits may have a tough time making payroll as funding streams are threatened. We also know that there are nonprofit staff whose essential functions don't work in the context of shelter at home. At the same time, there are other nonprofits who are scaling up massive relief efforts, such as providing food to individuals who can no longer come in person for food and for future needs in the face of widespread jobs and income loss. SVCN seeks to help match the staffing needs with staffing assets. These could be permanent or temporary job changes, for paid or volunteer positions. We realize this is a very sensitive topic, so EVERYTHING YOU TELL SVCN WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. Please let us know if you have staff who must be or might be willing to be redeployed within our nonprofit family. We will contact you after you complete the survey to discuss the nuances of your situation.
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