DriveSafe Executive Application
This form is due Sunday, November 21st at 11:59pm. Interviews will be conducted virtually. You must ensure that you complete all the necessary sections for all the roles you selected as interested. The positions we are recruiting for this year are as follows:

General exec responsibilities:
• Attend biweekly executive meetings
• Hold weekly office hours
• Attend all social events
• Be responsive on executive group chat / Slack
• Remain on-call during DriveSafe operation hours

VP Internal (5hrs / week)
• Planning events throughout the semester for the DriveSafe community
• Including two volunteer appreciation events
• Including other social events (ex. House parties, etc.)
• Writing biweekly / monthly newsletters to inform the community of important events or elements that other execs want to be included
• Sending out minutes (meeting outline) document to execs day before the meeting + taking notes during meetings
• Being responsive to volunteers and their varying needs
• Being available to help other execs
• Staying up to date with emails and executives Slack

VP Communications (2hrs / week)
• Promoting DriveSafe through managing our social media pages and messages
• Ordering promotional material and materials for frosh bags
• Tabling during Parents Tent, Activities night, Discover McGill, OAP, Open House, and other events or any other time deemed necessary
• Form and manage a promo team if desired

VP Finance (5hrs / week)
• Cheque requests, PO's, petty Cash forms to fill out weekly for volunteers
• Draft an annual budget at the beginning of each fiscal year after completing proper consultation from each Vice President
• Meet with SSMU VP Finance for approval of annual budget and ensure SSMU policies are being met
• Keeping track of actuals weekly
• Handling any financial issues for the service

**Note that the above listed responsibilities are relevant to a normal academic year. COVID-19 has made our operations unpredictable, so role responsibilities and estimated hours may not be exactly as outlined here.
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