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*Note- Participants will have 90 days from their Orientation date to complete enrollment. If enrollment is not complete within 90 days, participants will need to start the orientation & enrollment process again.
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By answering this, you permit us to use your selected pronoun at the Next Generation Zone to include the Career Connected Classroom, Zoom meetings, phone calls, or in-person conversations with parents/guardians, etc. If you would like to clarify this or have specifics you would like to discuss; please indicate this by selecting, "I would like to discuss my pronouns with the Academic Life Coach."
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I consent to the use of confidential information about me within the Open Doors GED classroom to plan, provide, and coordinate services for me or for other purposes authorized by law. I further grant permission to the Open Doors GED classroom and the Next Generation Zone staff to use my confidential information (i.e., high school transcripts or other educational records beyond just “directory information”) and disclose it to each other for these purposes. Information may be shared verbally or by computer data transfer, mail, email, or hand delivery. *
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