Academic Honesty Policy (Parent)

Virtual Learning presents unique challenges to academic honesty. In these uncertain times, it is important to remind ourselves of what constitutes academic malpractice and renew our pledge to academic honesty.

Academic malpractice includes:
Plagiarism - presenting others’ ideas as your own without proper acknowledgment. This can be either intentional or unintentional.
Collusion - Allowing someone to copy your work or completing an assignment for someone else.
Ghost Writing - Purchasing a paper or other types of assignments or having someone complete assignments for you.
Disclosure - Revealing the questions or tasks on an exam before the exam.
Fabrication of data - Falsifying information for a project or exploration. This includes falsifying CAS hours.

To avoid any form of academic malpractice, students should:
Read and sign the academic honesty policy by using the google form sent (by clicking accept you agree to all terms).
At the High School level, begin and complete all assignments on Google Documents. Submit all written assignments through Turnitin.
At the Middle and Elementary levels utilize MLA formatting for all academic writing. As well as completing written assignments through Google Documents.
At the High School level, use subject-specific citation formats (MLA, Chicago Style, APA).
Ask for clarification through email of any and all matters relating to academic honesty.
Ensure all work is one’s own.
Respect deadlines communicated by your teachers.
Recognize that sharing your work with others exposes you to risks stemming from their potential misuse of your work. Avoid sharing your work with others if you suspect that your work may be copied.

Parent Responsibility:
Read and become familiar with NOVA’s Academic Honesty Policy.
Not support any attempt at ghost-writing (this includes acquaintances, family members, or tutors providing assistance for assignments).
Monitor your child’s work and, where possible, seek to discuss the importance of source attribution.
Recognize that repeated violation of NOVA’s Academic Honesty Policy may be grounds for formal censure/not completing the academic year.
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