I'RAISE Entrepreneur Academy Application 2024
I'RAISE Girls & Boys CEO Entrepreneur Academy is a competitive intensive academy, taught and led by experienced and skilled CEO professionals. The academy offers youth ages 8-19 years old hands-on and thought provoking discussions and activities on expanding their business or business idea. This academy will teach advanced skills in business planning, marketing, financial management and budgeting, and elevator pitch through simulation learning, peer-based activities, and an immersive model.

Junior Academy
The Junior Academy is geared towards youth ages 8-12 years old who have a business idea or an active business. This is a 6 month program that starts in January 2023 and ends June 2023. 

Teen Academy
The Teen Academy is geared towards youth ages 13-19 years old with a business idea or active business. This is a 9 month program that begins September 2023 and ends June 2024. Students graduate from the academy at the end of the 9 months.  

Executive Coaching with Ms. Moore
The Executive Coaching program is geared towards current youth business owners ages 11-19 years old
This is a coaching model and includes weekly coaching sessions with seasoned business professionals and weekly coaching sessions with peers in group format. 

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