Application for Startup Igniter Program
The Startup Igniter Program is a 12-week program for early-stage entrepreneurs providing actionable strategy, tools, 1:1 coaching and implementation for company setup and formation, business planning, legal help, go-to-market strategy, fundraising and investor relations, marketing, product and business development, plus investor relations for a flat-rate fee.

Thank you for applying to the Startup Igniter Program. Applicants qualify based on vision, industry, unique offering, income, potential and overall awesomeness. Application is free. Upon acceptance, there is a participation fee of $10,000 due 3 days before the agreed start date and covers the 12-week program in full. A 3-month payment plan is available.

Master The Talk Consulting operates as a management consultant and currently does NOT require equity from participants. The program is for ONE participant per Startup. Co-founders and guests may attend virtual workshops.

Application process:

1. Submit Application

2. Received email confirmation

3. If selected, Schedule a Phone Interview (stage 1)

4. If selected, receive Notification via E-mail of Acceptance or Rejection

7. Upon acceptance, Schedule Enrollment Skype Call or In-Person Meeting (NYC only) with Payment and Signed Agreement

8. Kick-Off Call


Not all applicants must be early stage startups. Our program accepts Small Business Owners and Startups of all shapes and sizes due to the overall mission of Master The Talk Consulting, our partners and our sponsors; to economically support and empower entrepreneurs all over the world.

We work with 3 major Startup stages:

1) Pre-Startup: Needing marketing plans, branding strategies, incorporating, legal/financial assistance, structure set up and design for company identity.

2) Mid-Startup: Scale your business with business development experts, sales, pr, marketing, and partnerships.

3) Operational-Startup: Operationally achieved traction and searching for funding, partnerships and press.

Our 12-week fee is $10,000 per participant (3-month payment plan available), per startup. Additional team members are only $500 with limited access. This is due to capacity restrictions as we are limited to how many people we can on-board for the program.

At this time, due to limited space, the Startup Igniter Program is only accepting a small cohort of 5 participants. Applications will be reviewed and if you qualify, a coordinator will reach out within 48-72 hours of submitting this application. Thank You.

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What is your personal approximate annual income? (Students make less, young professionals make more and senior executives have savings. Personal financial stability is crucial for entrepreneurial sustainability and progress.) *
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If selected, will you be able to make the one-time program payment of $10,000 (or $4000 monthly for 3 months, if on a payment plan)? (Payment covers 12-Week program (3 months) and upon acceptance due no later than 3 days prior to projected program start date.) *
If selected, what does your Startup need right now? (Resources needed to be operational.) *
What potential challenges do you foresee? * *
How will you measure your success? (Launching, members, sales, investment, Etc.) *
(NYC-based Startups Only) Were you aware there are free or highly subsidized programs in NYC to assist Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small businesses? *
By completing this application you allow Master The Talk Consulting to exercise due diligence regarding the review of your acceptance. Furthermore you understand upon submitting this application you are not guaranteed entry until you receive an acceptance letter as well as complete all paperwork with payment by due date. Do you agree?
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