FCLYO Virtual Attendance Form 2021
Students who are unable to attend an in-person rehearsal due to COVID-related reasons may have a parent/guardian complete this form to request to attend a rehearsal virtually (usually via Zoom). Advanced communication is extremely important as we try to prepare our rehearsal schedule and recording sessions.

Reasons to attend virtually:
1. Answering YES to any of the questions on the Daily Health Form*
2. Concern about possible exposure and/or community spread of COVID-19
*Note that certain "yes" answers, such as routine testing for work or traveling with immediate family by car, do not necessarily disqualify you from attending rehearsals. Please ask the directors about your specific situation.

Students may NOT get rehearsal attendance credit due to non-COVID related reasons such as running late, conflicts with other activities, or for failing to complete this form on time. An absence request form is still required for non-COVID related absences from rehearsal.

This form must be completed by the parent/guardian AS SOON AS you become aware that your student will be unable to attend a live rehearsal and no later than 3:00 pm on the date of the rehearsal.

Completion of this form is required in advance in order to receive virtual attendance credit. All answers on this form will be kept as confidential as possible but will be reported to Foothill Christian School or to the state health department as necessary.
Student name *
Name of parent/guardian completing this form: *
Date(s) of rehearsal(s) to attend virtually. *Please list only rehearsals you are sure you will need to attend online. You may complete this form again if there are additional dates to add later on. *
Please explain your reason for this request and provide any information you need to disclose to the directors. *
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