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During the upcoming year, we will have the opportunity to use some commercial movies/video work to illustrate various psychological concepts. The intent of using these commercial pieces is to enrich the understanding of the issues involved. Care is used in selecting and presenting this material, and footage will be used to shed light on the concepts in connection with class work. In some instances, only portions of these films will be viewed. All films are PG-13 or lower, or are unrated for television. I will send home a separate video permission slip for one R-rated film to be viewed in December. If you object to any of the following films and do not wish your child to see them, check the box next to the title. New material may become available. Should something be released that I wish to use that falls beyond the age appropriate guidelines (Rated R), I will send home notification asking permission.The following list includes more videos than we will see all or segments of. However, since we might use any of these, all are listed.
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