Speakeasy At Revival Application Form - May: Animated
This month's theme is ANIMATED! We're bringing childhoods back just to ruin them (or enhance them!) Celebrate your favourite cartoons from the 80s and 90s in a night of naked nostalgia! Looking for acts referencing cartoons and cartoon characters typically played during Saturday morning or after school television line-ups during the 80s and 90s.

All applications will be due APRIL 25TH, with responses being emailed out no later than April 29th.
Applications are FREE and all positions are PAID!
If your have any questions, please contact us at speakeasyatrevival@gmail.com or visit our website at highsocietycabaret.com/speakeasyatrevival.html

Our application acceptance process is separated into 3 tiers:
1) Immediate Acceptance
That means we love your act and your work and are excited to book you on our next monthly!
2) Probationary Acceptance
That means we see great potential in your act, but it needs some fine tuning. To help, we offer you 90-minutes of private workshopping time with artistic director Knox Harter for FREE at your convenience. This workshop session will be MANDATORY before your scheduled performance with Speakeasy At Revival. This gives you the opportunity to polish and refine so you can give your best performance on stage.
3) You Application Has Been Denied
Don’t get discouraged! At your request, we will send you play-by-play feedback of your act as well as a one-time, 50% off private coaching session with Knox Harter so you can up your game to apply again! Knox's rates can be found at knoxdancefitness.com/services.html

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