RSVP for Baker & Bloom Parent Seminar July 31st
Event: College Admissions Student Panel
Date: Saturday, 31 July 2021
Time: 3.00 - 4.30pm
Speakers: Kimberly Leung (GSIS 2020, Brown 2024), Ethan Luk (Choate 2020, Princeton 2024), Brayden Ng (SPCC 2021, UCL 2025), Daisy Wang (ISF 2021, Stanford 2025)
Moderators: Ms. Renee Boey, Ms. Karen Kwok, Dr. Minh Tran
Venue: Online (Zoom Meeting) & In-Person (Baker & Bloom Learning Center, 1/F, China Hong Kong Tower, 8-12 Hennessy Road, Wanchai)

Hear from Baker & Bloom students who have recently navigated the US/UK college admissions process with great success.

- What were their keys to success?

- How did they come up with their essay topics?

- How did they pick which universities to apply to?

- What activities made a difference in their applications?

- How did they stand out in a competitive pool of applicants?

Our students will take you behind the scenes to show you what it took for them to build their winning applications.
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