Faculty Survey
The survey below seeks to compile data on MOODLE virtual classrooms conducted during the “Code Red Declaration” for American Samoa effective February 22,2022.
Please indicate whether you are a full-time, part-time or adjunct faculty at ASCC. * *
1. Have you been trained on MOODLE as a delivery mechanism for instructions? If no, please indicate why. *
If you answered "Yes" for Question 1, please move on to question 2. If you answered "No" for Question 1, please indicate why?
2. Have you used MOODLE before the “Code Red Declaration” for American Samoa? * *
3. What other resources are needed to assist with the delivery of your online courses? *
4. During the “Code Red Declaration”, how many courses have you taught that are now shifted on MOODLE? * *
5. Rate your satisfaction with MOODLE since “Code Red Declaration” * *
6. Which component of MOODLE you find most challenging since “Code Red”? Mark all that applies * *
7. How many students from your classes were not able to use MOODLE to communicate with you since the issuance of Code Red Declaration? * *
8. List other technical means you used to communicate to your students since the Code Red declaration. Mark all that applies. * *
9. What technical difficulties or other challenges you are encountering during the “Code Red” virtual engagement with students? Mark all that applies * *
10. Does your course(s) have a lab component? * *
11. How difficult is virtual engagements with labs during the Code Red Declaration? * *
12. What general recommendations would you advise if classes were to continue online during the Code Red restrictions? *
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