Key Moments in Google Search - Interest Form
Key Moments in Google Search help users quickly navigate to specific points in a video. To enable the feature for your videos, you can add Clip structured data to mark important video segments in your video. To ensure coverage and a good user experience, the feature is currently limited to a small set of providers. Use this form to register your interest for inclusion in the Key Moments feature in Google Search. To learn more about the requirements, check out our documentation:

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By submitting this request, you acknowledge that this request is merely an expression of interest and does not guarantee an invitation into the Early Adopters Program.
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Before you submit this form, make sure you meet the following prerequisites:
- Videos are available to users without requiring user login.
- The video must be publicly available to watch without a subscription.
- The video must have the ability to deep link into some point other than the start point in the video URL. For example, starts 30 seconds into a video.
- Clip structured data must be added to a page where users can watch the video. It's a bad user experience to point users to a page where they can't watch the video.
- The total video duration must be a minimum of 30 seconds.
- Make sure that no two clips on the same video defined on the same page share a start time.
- The video must have VideoObject structured data.
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