Your Anthrocon 2019 Hotel Reservation Experience
In our efforts to continuously improve, we'd like to know about your experience renting a hotel room this morning. Please take a few minutes to fill in the survey below. Thanks!
If you booked a room through PassKey, did you have any issues?
If you booked online, where did you get the link from?
If you booked a room over the phone, did you have any issues?
Did you get the hotel you wanted?
Which hotel did you ultimately book?:
Did you get your first choice hotel? If not, what was your first choice?
If you had any issues booking a room, can you please provide details?
If you had any issues reserving a hotel room, please tell us the details of what happened. Please include the exact time, if you remember. Go into as much detail as you like. Please include your computer and browser type and version.
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If you had any issues booking a room, what web browser were you using?
Will this be your first Anthrocon?
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