Orchard Park Blvd Partial Two-Way Access Petition
This is a petition to make Orchard Park Blvd a two-way street north of the intersection at Queen St E and Orchard Park Blvd heading north on Orchard Park Blvd. This is where the proposed garage entrance may be located for the 1684-1702 Queen St E development application. (See image below for more information).

The proposed development is for a six-storey condominium with approximately 110 residential units. The applicant is proposing to create an access point to their underground garage with a driveway which would connect Orchard Park and potentially, Penny Lane. During the October 13th community consultation meeting, a number of residents voiced their interest in making Orchard Park Blvd a two-way street up to the proposed driveway.

The exact address of the parking entrance at this time is unknown, however, the approximate proposed location is across the street from 8 Orchard Park Blvd.The developer, in consultation with the City, is exploring a number of options on how to manage traffic in the area and reduce the impacts of traffic.

Nearby residents have voiced concerns that with Orchard Park Blvd being a one way street, with an added 85 parking spaces, and potentially 85 additional vehicles trying to enter their parking garage from Orchard Park Blvd. The City and developer are exploring making a segment of Orchard Park Blvd a two-way street as one option to help reduce congestion and help traffic flow with the proposed development.

If there is significant community support for this idea, my office will instruct City staff to investigate the feasibility of this, therefore your response to this petition is very valuable.

Please note only responses from residents on Orchard Park Boulevard will be considered when reviewing this petition. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, about traffic, parking or any other aspect of this development proposal please contact me by email at Councillor_Bradford@toronto.ca or by phone at 416-338-2755.
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Map of potential two-way segment of Orchard Park Blvd and proposed driveway for development site
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