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Internship Program
Recommended for Basic & Intermediate Skilled Drafters & Future Designers

Sponsored by MARND Studio*

First session on July 7, 2018

Duration 12 weeks

Weekly Sessions Structure
• 10 mins topic
• 10 mins discussion
• 8 mins Q&A (English)
• 2 mins Q&A (Arabic)

Weekly Sessions Topics
1. Professional Product Design
2. Market Research
3. CAD 2D to 3D
4. Sculpt Environment
5. Manufacturing Introduction
a. Injection Molding
b. Machining 2-5axis
6. Forming Introduction
a. Blow Molding
b. Forging
c. Extrusion
7. Q&A
8. Presentation
9. Clients Communication
10. NDA & Confidentiality
11. 30 min work on real professional work scenarios
12. Final Presentation and Certification Handing

Terms & Conditions
1. The “internship” hereafter termed “course”
2. Organizers reserve right to terminate the course completely, partially, or for a specific one or more participants at any point in time, in which case, reasonable refunds will be issued to paying participants for remaining portion of the course.
3. Organizers reserve right to change time, structure, or any other details related to the course
4. The participants selection is up to organizers and depends on course time zone and number of maximum number of participants.
5. Fee is $90 per participant completely covered by MARND Studio for first 100 participants.
6. This course does not entitle participants to any position at the organizers’ institution whether stated or implied.
7. Participant is aware they will not be compensated for any effort or time spent for this course.
8. The sponsor does not provide any guarantee with regards to the course or results.
9. The sponsor is not liable to any damages or claims related to this course.
10. Participants get a verifiable certificate of attendance at end of course. Certificates are courtesy of organizers and the sponsor reserves all rights to withhold giving certificates to any one or more participants.
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