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加工機具、集塵設備、水槽工作桌、攝影棚等小型加工廠裡一定有的基本設備,在這裡都有,創作者們可以不受拘束的盡情創作 !

Bring your project and team to Planett!

Perfect base for your project

Your own perfectly-sized space
We have personal desk for you. Free wifi, plugs and table lamp are provided. The sunshine in Tainan is wonderful. Also, the open environment could let people get more well connected to different creative producer from all over the world. It must be your ideal place to work and create here!

Play with ideas and experiments
Basic processing machines and tools are provided in our small processing factory for all the residents. It will be a wonderful place for residents to create their own work and do original experiments here.We also invite local designers and artists to come and share their skills and experience with us! Try out anything through your
inspirations, combining them with your crazy ideas and do it here with other creative partners!

方案說明 / plan

A. ‪#‎Planett
星球方案 - 2400 NTD/month
基本固定桌位 -Dedicated desk(90cmX80cm)

B. #Jupiter‬
大星方案 - 4200 NTD/month
基本固定桌位 - Dedicated desk(180cmX80cm)

超星方案 - 4200 NTD/month
小加工廠裡的基本固定桌位 - Dedicated desk in Fabrication lab

The plan starts from 1st of each month.
We will arrange an interview to evaluate your application.
*每月15號前申請截止 ,20號前公佈申請確認,25號前為次月繳款截止日
Application deadline : 15th of each moth
*半年以上進駐 九折優惠

加價 / ADD-ONS

鎖櫃 Locker - 250 NTD/month
contact our captain if you need it !

Coworking space
Dedicated desk in Fabrication lab
Fabrication lab
Landing month
月進駐以每月一號為進駐起始日 Monthly plan start from every 1st of month
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