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Trolli is looking to sponsor Tournament Organizers for 2022! In 2021, we had title restrictions that only allowed Organizers to host a few titles. This has changed for all of 2022. You can host pretty much any title within the League. Each time you request a new title from our team, they will review the title and let you know if you can host it.

This is a great opportunity to reward your community (and potentially yourself!) with cash prizing and get recognition on the League Trolli home page. Trolli is contributing $100 in prize money for each completed tournament; plus Organizers who host the most total unique participants each month will earn cash prizes as well.

Tournament Organizers whos tournaments' host the most unique participants each month will receive a $500 award - there's a total of $2,000 in Organizer incentives up for grabs every month during 2022.

Apply today, spots are limited. If you're approved, will let you know your status as quickly as possible!
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How many League Trolli sponsored tournaments would you be able to run in a given month? *
How many individual participants (not teams) on average would you expect to have in any given League Trolli tournament? *
Do you have experience running tournaments for cash prizes? *
Do you have previous experience working with a sponsor? *
How do you promote your tournaments and attract new players? (Check all that apply) *
If you intend to use social media to promote your tournaments for this sponsorship please provide your social media handles or links below. If you don't plan on using social media promotion just write 'none'. Note: Trolli branded social media assets will be provided for promotional purposes. *
If you have a Discord Community, please post a link to that here and provide the number of members currently in your server.
Trolli wants to ensure it's league is fair and honest. Please briefly describe how you validate tournament results and prevent events such as cheating and match fixing? *
Were you referred to this program by one of our Organizers? If so, please write in their name so they can be credited.
What questions or comments would you like to have addressed about the program?
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Filling out an application for the League Trolli Program does not guarantee acceptance. While we try and respond to every applicant, due to the number of requests this may not always be possible. You may submit an application and not get a response immediately. Please be sure to check the email you provided us with as we may accept into the program a number of weeks after your application was submitted. There is no "expiration" on your application and we will continue to look through those who have not yet been approved. League Trolli does no have a "quota" or a set number of Organizers we accept for the program. If you're accepted you will receive an email from a member of our team. We don't "deny" those who have not yet received an approval email. Since we do a rolling acceptance, applications, even ones from months ago, are considered when we're looking at new applicants. You should only submit another application under these circumstances: (1) A member of our team reached out and asked you to do so (2) Your previous application is outdated and you believe new experiences should be taken into account (3) You were previously denied from the program and believe that you have gained new experience that you believe will make an impact on our decision. We thank you for taking the time to apply. - League Trolli Team
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