2019 Bay View Bash - Bar Shift Application
Returning for 2019, the Bash is allowing community groups and non-profit organizations to earn additional funding for their organization by helping us staff the bars at the Bash. Volunteers need to be 18+ (bartending experience not required). Groups will be able to earn a portion of the pooled tips per hour based on the number of volunteers participating for each organization.

Please complete the application below, with your preferred time of day. The Bash planning team with schedule groups based on interest and availability. Schedules will be released two weeks before the Bash - you will need to register individual volunteers at this time.

Shift options below - you may apply for multiple shifts to increase the money available to your organization. Please note your non-profit will receive tips pooled from YOUR shift. Certain shifts will naturally have higher bar demand and tip payout (aka: late night).

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