What mode do you think GB3VT should run?
UKFM Group (Western) GB3VT mode survey

The UKFM Group (Western) are reaching out to both members and non-members about one of the groups largest coverage repeaters.

GB3VT, located near Stoke-on-Trent, is a 2m repeater that changed to DSTAR mode from FM some years ago.
Now that the digital voice scene has matured somewhat, we are asking for your opinions.
Please feel free to share this survey with others that may have an opinion about GB3VT.
The survey shouldn't take much longer than 3 minutes to complete.

This survey is open until 2345hrs on 31/12/2018.

Please note that question 1 is for validation purposes only.
We will only use this data to avoid multiple/erroneous submissions from affecting the final data.
Names, callsigns and IP addresses collected via this survey will not be retained by The UKFM Group (Western) after this validation process has been completed.

Responses containing offensive language will not be counted.

The anonymised responses to this survey will be available to the UKFM Group (Western) committee and may also be made available to UKFM Group (Western) members.

What is your name and callsign (if you have one)? *
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Are you a member of the UKFM Group (Western) repeater group? *
If you are not currently a member, would changing GB3VT's mode from DSTAR persuade you to (re)join the group? *
Given the choice, what would you most like GB3VT's mode to be? *
In your opinion, GB3VT would better serve the repeater group and the amateur radio community if it offered... *
In your opinion, would offering FM mode (either standalone, or alongside a digital voice mode) on GB3VT have a positive effect on group membership? *
If you have any other comments, please put them here.
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