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American Friendship Partners are asked to contact their international student friendship partner once per week by phone or E-mail and to try to spend time with the student at least once per month for a period of one year. Many continue the relationship beyond the first year.
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Code of Ethics
Guidelines for Relationships with International Students
International Students, Inc. and their volunteers agree to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Christian Ministries among Internationals and the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors as stated below. We shall respect the dignity of individuals and are sensitive to their needs as internationals. Refer special problems of international students to a staff member or the appropriate campus officials, normally the Foreign/International Student Advisor on campus.

Members shall be forthright in the publication of any program intended for international students. An accurate description of the purposes of any program or activity shall be included. Events which are publicized to be only social, shall be just that, whereas events with religious content shall be clearly identified as such.

When International Students, Inc. staff or volunteers share their faith with international students there shall be no coercion placed on the student to change their religious beliefs. We agree to the NAFSA code of ethics as expressed at NAFSA's Code of Ethics , particularly section 10 in reference to Community organization involvement:

10. Members with Responsibilities in Community Organizations Working with Foreign Students and Scholars Shall:

a. Make certain that organizations providing programs for foreign students and scholars have clear statements of purpose and responsibility, so that all parties can know what is expected of them.
b. Accurately portray their services and programs, making clear the identity, the intent, and the nature of the sponsoring organization and of each particular event or service.
c. Provide appropriate opportunities to observe and to join in mutual inquiry into cultural differences.
d. Provide adequate orientation for volunteers and participants in community programs so they may understand each other and may interact constructively. The organization should make clear that surreptitious, deceptive or coercive proselytizing is unacceptable.

In summary of the above Code of Ethics, we must always give a student advance notice of any religious or spiritual activity so they have opportunity to accept or decline the invitation without feeling any pressure on them to accept the invitation. For example, we should never invite a student to dinner or another seemingly secular activity and then inform them afterwards that there is a Bible study, etc. and ask them if they want to stay for it. Also we must ask them before hand if they would like to know how one becomes a Christian before we share the plan of salvation. The last sentence of the above code is the most important, “The organization should make clear that surreptitious, deceptive or coercive proselytizing is unacceptable.”
I have read and agree to follow the Natl. Assoc. of Foreign Student Advisors’ Code of Ethics *
Particularly in reference to Community organization involvement, part ten.
Friendship Partner Training
This training is available through your Church Team Leader
I have completed or plan on completing a Friendship Partner Training led by my church team leader, International Students, Inc. staff member, or online. *
The training is required before you will be allowed to be matched
Where did/will you take the Friendship Partner Training? *
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Who is the Friendship Partner Coordinator at your church?
If you are not sure, write "I don't know" or the name of the International Students, Inc. staff member with whom you are closest.
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