still deciding..
Hello lovely! You are at this point of your life where you sometimes see your future self with a baby and the next minute you can not imagine going down this road?

If that's you, you picked the right survey.. Thanks a lot for participating!
Are you planning on having children someday?
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What are the showstoppers for you?
If you plan to have children some day, do you think a lot about this topic?
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Do you think that we do not talk enough about this topic in our society?
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If you do not think about it, what are your reasons?
Would you like to have access to a community where you can adress your anxieties openly?
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What are your biggest concern when thinking about starting a family?
If you like communicating with other women about these topics, which platform would you prefer?
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Can you tell me something about your interests and hobbies?
In which country are you living?
Which social media platforms do you use regularily?
How old are you?
Is there anything else you would like to contribute?
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