Humboldt County Mental Health Services Act Three Year Program and Expenditure Plan, Community Participation and Feedback Survey
The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) of Humboldt County wants your ideas on how to strengthen its mental health programs to better serve you and your community. What would you like to see included as part of the work over the next three years, considering limited resources? Also, what are some new or innovative ideas you’d like Humboldt County to consider?

This survey is part of a larger community planning process that also includes community meetings throughout Humboldt County from November 2019 to January 2020. If you would like information about these meetings, or if you want to receive further information about the planning process, please send an email to or call (707) 441-3770 with your name and contact information.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. All questions are optional, and you can leave questions blank if you do not want to respond. This survey is anonymous.

Thank you for your help with this effort!
MHSA Community Survey
Humboldt County Mental Health Services Act Three Year Program and Expenditure Plan, Community Participation and Feedback Survey
1. Is this your first time providing input and information for our MHSA Community Planning Process?
2. The priorities listed come from prior MHSA community planning activities. Please mark the level of importance on each of these previously identified priorities, and then add priorities you think should be explored. The priorities were those that community members felt were important at the time. Priorities are expected to change over time. (Note: MH = Mental Health; TAY = Transition Age Youth, ages 16-25)
Not important at this time
Slightly important
Somewhat important
Very important
Absolutely essential
New services and expansion of MH outreach/ services to regions outside of Eureka
Bilingual, culturally competent MH services
Substance Use Disorder Services
MH workforce support and training
More MH counselors at schools & increased services in a school setting
More housing
0-8 MH Collaborative support, and services for early childhood
More counseling and support for parents/families
TAY program expansion and improvements for TAY facilities
More MH counselors for adults
More programs, services with law enforcement
Transportation for clients
More support for older adults (ages 60+)
Provide more stakeholder activities and clarity about MH services provided by County MH
More Native American supports
Hope Center program expansion and facility improvements
More Patients' Rights Advocates
More prevention and early interventin activities for adults
Support after discharge from Sempervirens and Crisis Support Unit
Stronger partnerships with hospitals
More peer support programs
3. Use the space below to describe additional priorities that you think are important, and indicate their level of importance using the scale from Question 2.
Your answer
4. Are there any populations or groups of people whom you believe are not being adequately served by the current MHSA programs in Humboldt County? Please check all that apply.
5. If you checked "Other" in Question 4, please describe.
Your answer
6. Based on your answers in Question 4, please identify who you feel are the three most underserved groups.
Your answer
7. What issues make it more challenging for consumers and their families to receive MH services? Check all that apply.
8. If you chose "Other" in Question 7, please describe.
Your answer
9. What are your suggestions for programs or services that would enhance wellness and recovery and better meet the needs of your community?
Your answer
10. What innovative ideas could improve or transform our County MH system? These ideas should fall into one of these categories: a) A new MH practice or approach to the MH system, including prevention and early intervention, b) A change to an existing MH practice or approach, including adapting it to a new setting, community or population, c) Adapting a promising community-driven practice that has been successful in non-mental health settings, and applying it to the MH system.
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11. My Age Group is:
12. My Gender is:
13. I primarily reside in this city or community:
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14. My Race/Ethnicity is:
15. If you checked "Other" in Question 14, please describe.
Your answer
16. Which of the following Groups do you primarily identify with or represent? Please choose only one group.
17. If you checked "Other" in Question 16 please describe below.
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18. In the space below, please add any additional comments you would like to give us. Thank you for your time!
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