Freemental 20202: VOLUNTEERS registration

If you would like to be part of FM Festival and contribute to our community please feel free to join our volunteer group and choose one of two possible volunteer positions.

1. Alchemists
If you have interest in construction, and you have some kind of experience in it, sign up to become one of few people that are going to be first on scene. Your part in it would be to help and learn all about making something out of nothing.

2. Crows
For those who are interested in helping during the festival, join now and become part of our scavenger group.
We must keep Tarej clean so it is important to be green and make sure there is no trash anywhere else then in a recycling bin.

All volunteers that are chosen to participate on FreeMental Gamma edition will be contacted until April 15.

All volunteers will be provided with:

* Accommodation in tents
* Food for working days
* Free ticket for all 5 days of festival
* Chance to become closer part of our FM family

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