Fake News
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3. Which political party are you most likely to support?
4. What is the main social media you use?
5. Have you heard of fake news?
6. Where do you get your news from? Select all that apply.
7. What is propaganda?
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8. When was the last time you came across propaganda? In the last:
9. Which news article is fake?
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10. What are your feelings about Social Media?
11. On average, how often does a person check their phone, in minutes? Every...
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12. Have you ever felt affected by fake news?
13. If yes, where did you read it, see it or hear it? Please select all that apply.
14. If you were affected by Fake News what was the main reason? Please select all that apply.
15. Which definition of fake news is correct?
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16. Do you check your phone at night?
17. Which of these images has been photoshopped?
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18. Do you think there should be laws against fake news?
19. What punishments should be given for spreading false information?
20. What do you think is the best way of tackling the issue of Fake News?
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