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Your Discord username, with "#" and 4 numbers after it. Like "Example#1337", so we can contact you. Create discord account if you don't already have it, since it's absolutely necessary for our communications: https://discordapp.com . AND DO NOT FORGET TO JOIN OUR DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/GKTYkFr
We need...
Tester: to test features, find bugs, and tell feedback.
Coder: to add features and make the mod playable.
3D Artist: to work on 3D portraits and on-map models in Maya or Blender.
2D Artist: to work on icons and flags.
Cartographer: to work on the map in the built-in editor.
English Proofreader/Writer: to proofread and/or write texts in English for events and more.
Character Designer: to design the look of historical characters in the Ruler Designer and move it to game files.
Translator: to translate the mod from English to some another language (mention the language in the experience part below).
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Right now, we recruit only the following (may check a few positions):
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How much time do you want to spend on the mod weekly? *
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Not familiar
Worked in team repository
How familiar are you with the Warcraft universe? *
Not familiar
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