Ingersoll Scout Reservation 2023
Scouts BSA Summer Camp Reservation Form
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The Unit Understands and Agrees That:
1- Acceptance of your $250 secures your choice of sessions at camp for the number of Scouts and Leaders indicated above.  You must to advise council of changes to those numbers as soon as you are aware of any.
2 - The $250 reservation fee will be held through the entire 2023 Summer Camp Season.  Following the 2023 camping season, the fee may be rolled over and applied as a deposit for the 2023 camp season.  The $250 will be refunded to units not returning in 2024 by the unit submitting a Refund Request Form.  This is fee is not refundable or transferable in the event of troop non-attendance.  
3 - A minimum of two adult leaders both at least 21 years of age, registered members of the Boy Scouts or America and completed Youth Protection Training.  Female Troops must have one of their adults be a female 21 or older.  
4 - While it is possible to request sharing a campsite with specific troops, both unit must so request and make their reservations at the same time.  This does not absolve each unit of their responsibility to provide two-deep leadership.  Both units must submit a reservation form and the $250 reservation fee.  If units are chartered by separate organizations, both chartered organizations must submit an adult approval form before their week of camp. 
5 - Campsite assignments will be based on a first come first serve basis.  While every attempt will be made to honor a unit's campsite preference, the camp administration reserves the right to change a unit's campsite assignment prior to arrival at camp.  Any required campsite changes occur only when necessary to ensure that every unit has adequate number of tents.  Two or more units may be assigned to the same campsite.  
6 - The following campsites have wood platforms and canvas tents (campsite capacity): Arrowhead (32), Diamond Hitch (32), Gunflint (22), Powderhorn (38), Doublebit (24).  
7 - Buckskin (24) has 6, 4 person housing units.
8 - Troops provide their own tents in the following campsites (campsite capacity): Musket (24), Sauk (36), Tomahawk (48), Conestoga (34), Illini (32), Winnebago (40), Kickapoo (32), Tonkawa (20) Kaskaskia (38).
9 - More information about registration and program details will be available at and in the 2021 ISR Leader's Guide
If your troop will not have the required number of adult leaders, your troop can request to share a campsite with another troop to maintain Youth Protection and Guide to Safe Scouting Standards.  In order to do so, both of the units Chartered Organizations must consent on the adult leadership present.  For clarification on this, please email *
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