Expression of interest: VR Google TiltBrush short course
If you're keen on learning how Virtual Reality can be an exciting new tool for creativity, Please fill in the below form so we can organise future courses around your needs.

Courses will be held at the VR Concept's pub setups which house virtual reality arcade booths with 2-4 people able to experience VR at one time. (more on locations below)

Courses will include approx 30mins (depending on group size) of painting time each participant and a hour of instruction and overview by an experienced Artist. And being at a pub - a discounted lunch/dinner can be included. '

COURSE CONTENT TO INCLUDE: (more detail to come closer to event)

- Basic introduction to VR
- Basic introduction to Tiltbrush tools
- Painting different objects
- Applications for VR painting - Designing a dress, sculpting and art
- Using more advanced tools ie. Mirror, guides and straight line tools
- Importing references and 3d models
- Basic saving and exporting for use/viewing in Cardboard headsets.

Let us know what works for you so we can make these courses possible and relevant to your needs.

Any further questions please email

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