Product Camp Dublin Mentor/Mentee Form
Hi there! As part of Product Camp Dublin 2018 I'd like to organise a session to help match up people who would like be mentored or to mentor someone in the product management community.

How will it work?
Fill out this form in advance of the session to set out your level of experience and your industry, plus what you'd like from your mentor/mentee. Based on everyone's responses, we'll give you each a list of potential mentors/mentees at the start of the session.

During the session, you'll be given a few 10-minute meetings to talk with each mentor/mentee and get to know them a bit - we'll provide a list of suggested topics to talk about during your meeting.

At the end of all the meetings (depending on numbers) we'll either take back feedback from people and swap their contact details or we'll let everyone mingle again to sort out their final mentor/mentees.

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