Campus Founder Community Application
Campus is Google's physical space for startups, offering workspace, world-class education and access to a diverse and connected community of like-minded founders.

If you are an early stage startup you are welcome to apply to join our founder community.

To become a member, you must be a founder in a team of two or more full-time founders, developing a tech product.
Read more about the membership criteria here:

Membership Benefits:
> A unique opportunity to work from Campus, at no charge
> Membership in a curated community of like-minded founders in similar stages of their startup journey
> Access to ‘Campus Founders Club’: exclusive programming led by top industry experts, community members & Google employees
> Access to multiple Campus offerings (Creator studio, meetups, and much more)

What do we expect from you?
> Accepted startups are required to complete a mandatory onboarding session which takes place once a month. Please refer to the upcoming monthly orientation dates on our website, and in your acceptance email.
> Pay it forward: offer help & share your expertise with fellow founders
> Be physically present at campus at least once a week
> Update us on your progress

If you are not a founder or working for a startup, you can still gain access to a full calendar of events by subscribing to our newsletter and grow your network in any of the events happening at Campus on a regular basis.

The information you provide when applying for a Campus membership will be used to help us track the demographics and interests of our members and for communication targeting. We will never share any identifying information.

If you would like your data removed from our system at any point in the future please email your request to and we will remove it.
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