1. Community Input on Physical Accessibility
This survey is a first step in seeing how UCIMC membership would like to use the State of IL Capital Funds grant of $75,000 to improve our building accessibility.
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Have you, or someone you know, experienced challenges in physically accessing the UCIMC building at 202 S. Broadway (the old Post Office Building)? *
Please tell us more about your answer
Do you personally identify as a person with difficulties of mobility and physical access to buildings?
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If yes, please share any (other) personal experiences that will help us understand current limits to accessing the IMC.
Is there anything else you want us to know about or consider regarding building accessibility at the UC-IMC?
Are you willing to complete a more in-depth survey to help us understand what strategies and improvements would contribute to building accessibility? (If yes, please be sure to either include your email below, or send a message to miriam@ucimc.org)
Please provide your email address if you are willing to be contacted about your responses. If you are willing to help further but want this survey to remain confidential, please email miriam@ucimc.org
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