2018 Membership Information
All archers please complete before your first lesson.

Please give us the following information, which we will keep in our possession. We will not share it with anyone else except our screened instructors on an individual need-to-know basis.

Even though we may have some of the information already, we do not want to assume that it is still correct....people move, phone nos. change, etc.

If you would rather not give us this information, please say so. We may however need to ask you for it later for various reasons (e.g., tournament registrations, selecting the correct division, informing you that you are eligible for CAP, contacting you in case of illness, calling you because you left your coat or equipment in the range :-) etc.

We need information for each archer.
Please use additional form(s), if necessary. Adult archers: No need to give birthday, school, or parents' names!

Archery Training Center, Inc.,
Range address: 10203 Old Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78748
Mailing address: PO Box 93216, Austin, TX 78709
E-mail: archerytrainingcenteraustin@gmail.com
Tel: 512 975 1850
Member of USA Archery
Certified AISD, EISD, DSISD Off-Campus PE Agency

First and last names of all participants; ages of juniors *
Example: John Smith, dad; Jane Smith, mom; Jill Smith, 10; Jeremy Smith, adult
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Month/day/year you joined us *
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Birthday (month/day/year)
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Parents' first and last names
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Cell phone numbers *
This is important if we needed to contact you. Example: Mom: 512 222 2322; Dad: 512 222 2323, etc.
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