Blossom Festival 2020 Application - Art Installation
We would love to see some art from our community around the festival grounds. If you have an art piece in mind, please contact us and tell us all about it.

This year we will be offering art grants as per the following categories:
Category 1 - $1000 grant (one available)
Category 2 - $500 grant (two available)
Category 3 - $200 grant (five available)
Category 4 - Free tickets only

Each successful applicant is entitled to two free tickets to the event. If you have a larger team, please mention this below. The number of tickets sought will be considered when assessing your application and additional tickets will have a higher chance of being considered if an increased value can be demonstrated.

When applying please select the art grant category that you are applying for. We will assess each application for originality, value for money and how closely your piece is linked to Blossom Festival's spring theme. Please be aware that Blossom Festival may award all available grants, may only award some or may split the value of available grants as we see fit to best represent the applications received. If unsuccessful in the grant category you have applied, you may be offered a grant from a different category.

Art grants will be awarded in two rounds. Unsuccessful applicants from round one will be informed and will automatically be entered into round two. The dates for these will be advertised on our website Please do not contact us requesting an update on the progress of your application prior to the application closing date.

One of the key aspects that makes Blossom Festival what it is, is it's uniqueness. Therefore, it is preferable that we obtain some level of exclusivity with the art pieces that get displayed at our event. If accepted for a grant, each agreement with the artist/s will be made on a case by case basis.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree to the conditions stated within this application.

Final words of advice:
When making your submission the more information you can provide the better, as we do have a lot of applications to process. So please sell yourself as best as possible, provide drawings and sketches that help present your art.
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