Future of Events
Are the systems currently in place helping you achieve your goals and objectives?
Are you someone who...
Select all that would have applied to you as of December 2019 (do not select previous positions/roles)
How much journalistic value do you get from events industry media? (MeetingsNet, Meetings and Conventions, BizBash, Trade Show News Network, Event Marketer, etc)
Mostly sponsored content
Asks the tough questions
Comments about events industry media
Your answer
How important are events industry certifications when hiring a contractor, employee, or vendor?
Other factors are more important
One of the top criteria
Should technology be used in automating the sourcing and contracting of more event products and services?
Think about all of the different products and services needed to organize and execute an event. Example: booking room blocks and meeting space online the way we book leisure travel
How do you feel about transparency in events industry business transactions?
Pricing, budgets, commissions and fees should be made available earlier in the process
Pricing, budgets, commissions, and fees should not be shared or not until absolutely necessary
Do you feel that the people you do business with trust you?
Or do their words and actions indicate that they do not trust you, your company, or your peers?
Is your company committed to creating better relationships with your employees, customers, AND vendors? (all three)
Comments about putting people at the center of business decisions: Trade offs (if any) you are forced to make to do so or reasons you have been unable or unwilling to do so
Your answer
Is your company committed to reducing its impact on the environment/planet?
Comments about making climate change a priority: trade offs (if any) you are forced to make to do so or reasons you have been unable or unwilling to do so
Your answer
Will you personally be better prepared for another major disruption to in-person gatherings?
What long-term changes are you making? What plans do you have for doing things differently?
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Who do you consider to be the leaders of the events industry?
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