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Spacechats are virtual field trips, providing online interactive experiences and bringing ‘space’ directly into the classroom. During a Galactic Unite Spacechat every student has the opportunity to talk directly with a Future Astronaut and with a diverse range of staff from Virgin Galactic. Coordinated by Future Astronaut Ron Rosano, these virtual experiences create an opportunity for our team and Future Astronauts to communicate directly with students – encouraging them to follow their dreams and focus their efforts on things that they love doing.

To be filled out ONLY by teacher, parent, school staff or organizer that will be leading the event on behalf of the school or group. We primarily use Zoom, but please let us know if another platform is needed.
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In preparation for your Spacechat, please spend 20-30 minutes familiarizing your students with the material below and come with questions to ask the speakers.  If time allows, visit for the Science with Virgin Galactic series.  After your form is submitted, look for a confirmation email from within a few days, and please check your spam folder and/or contact Ron at that email address if you don't hear back within a week - thanks!
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