SPRC Pre-Training Screening
To be filled put prior to arrival for each session at Strathclyde Park until further notice.
All session bookings must be made aware to the captains/coaches no later than midday two days prior to the session, each athlete is responsible for cancelling their own session (and making capatins/coaches aware in good time).
Who are you... *
Have you read, understood and agree to follow the latest version of the 'SPRC - Covid Rowing Protocols'? *
These are circulated with each update via the club email list, Facebook group and WhatsApp channels
Do you understand that all rowing activity is optional and all members are welcomed to opt-in or out if they have concerns regarding any risks associated. *
Date of session *
This MUST be done for every day that you are training at SPRC, on that day - this must be completed BEFORE you arrive at the training venue
What type of session are you taking part in? *
Land Sessions include outdoor circuits, indoor circuits/S&C and group ergo sessions (indoor or outdoor)
Today or any day in the last 14 days have you had a new, unusual or unexplained... *
A fever
A cough
Any shortness of breath
Any chest pain or tightness
A sore throat or hoarse voice
Abnormal fatigue or drowsiness
Any loss of taste or smell
Any confusion or disorientation
A headache
Any different joint or muscle pain
Any new rashes
Has any member of your household or someone that you have been in contact with reported any of the above symptoms in the last 14 days?
Has any member of your household or someone that you have been in contact with tested positive for coronavirus in the last 14 days?
If you answered 'No' to having read the most recent Club Protocols then you must do this before you go to your session, and communicate this with the respective coach/captain.
If you answered 'Yes' to any of the symptoms, or household member symptoms questions, then you must contact your respective coach/captain immediately to inform them of this.
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