November Community Spotlight Voting
*Only NON-LEADERSHIP MEMBERS may be nominated.
*You may only vote once.
*You may vote on up to two members

The Community Spotlight recipient will receive:
*Entry into Community Spotlight raffle.
*VIP tag in TeamSpeak and Discord.
*Two months of dedicated supporter.
*Entry in the Community Spotlight Hall of Fame.
*Invite to the Nameless Podcast.
Your Forum Name *
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Forum Name of Your NOMINEE (CaSe SeNsItIvE) *
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Why would you like to see this person receive the Community Spotlight? *
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OPTIONAL: Is there a LEADERSHIP member you would like to see recognized? If so, who and why?
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OPTIONAL: Do you have any feedback for the next Community Spotlight? If so, please share it because we appreciate all feedback!
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